Storage Module

Warehouses, Locations, and Mobile Locations

There it is.

   There is no better feeling than having your business run without constant intervention. Inventory tends to be one of these points where constant human intervention is required. That all ends with a proper storage management solution. By tracking all of your storage locations alongside your product inventory you can always tell what you have and where it is. This prevents wasteful ordering, helps give you better insight into how quickly you can deliver something to a customer and what the real value of your inventory is and where that value sits. 

   Reduce your ordering with better insight into what's currently out in the field, and know just how much product each of your technicians, contractors, or employees leaves your facility with. Easily interact with our system using barcodes for storage locations, and move product on and off trucks at the click of a button. Know how long products have sat in a storage location and associate your storage locations with a branch office or a physical location if you have more than one. 

   Big or small tracking your inventory can reduce headaches of overselling, underperforming inventory, and expired product sitting in a storage location. 

Track your locations from the size of a trunk in your hall closet to multiple warehouses across the country.
  • Manage locations and containers as many levels deep as you need
  • Easily move product from one location or warehouse to another, at the click of a button.

General Features

  • Warehouses
  • Track an unlimited hierarchy (aisles, bins, containers, etc)
  • Mobile Locations, like trucks or vans
  • Small Locations (shelf, room, yard, etc)
  • Easy move product from location to location
  • Barcode locations
  • Assign default locations to multiple branches
  • Order from location defaults
  • Set reorder and replenishment levels
  • Track value by location

Would you like to see more of our inventory location features? Watch this short screencast for a quick tour of our location and storage features.