Inventory Module

Track Supplies, Materials, Product, and Locations

Inventory at your Fingertips

   Whether you sell in a retail environment, at trade shows, or online; managing your inventory will be a need that grows as your business grows. The more product your company sells the more it will have to store and count. Our inventory solution helps companies manage their storage locations (see storage), their inventory counts, receiving, and many facets of the detailed information you may need in tracking your physical products. This includes variable weights, lot numbers, and serial numbers. Use our system to maintain individual products or groups of products that you wish to track by various unit types like each, box, or weight.

   Use our system to track perishable products with expiration dates, down to the minute. Utilize barcodes and tracking to easily find, move, and enter inventory data. Easily move inventory from one location to another including mobile locations like trucks or vans. Finally, track reorder points, costs and current product values. Track damage and maintenance that occurs, including the ability to track fixed assets, and owned assets. 

  • products with tiered pricing, and detailed tracking
  • Track inventory of all types in all locations
  • Track and create any type of unit of measurement
  • Fulfill all or part of orders, as flexible as you need it.
  • Drop ship or fulfill multiple orders at the click of a button, select inventory or deduct it automatically.
  • Receive from a list of outstanding purchase orders, or have purchase orders drop shipped directly to a client
  • View all of your inventory by location or product name and sort by any field name.
  • Receive all or part of purchase orders, or receive items on the fly when purchased without an order.
  • Create detailed cost levels by vendor, date, or product type.

General Features

  • Receiving
  • Lot Numbers
  • Serial Numbers
  • Unique or Group Tracking
  • Warehouse Locations
  • Barcoding
  • Adjustment Tracking
  • Manual and Automatic Tracking
  • Asset Management with Maintenance Tracking
  • Cost and Value Tracking
  • Aging and Expiration Tracking
  • Reorder Levels

Want to see more? See our inventory in action in the short inventory management screencast.