CloudLink Project User

Project Management with Purpose

Help Your Customers By Helping Yourself

Features Used:

  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Contact Management
  • Project Sharing
  • Infusionsoft Integration
  • Time Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Service Management

It was all for you.

  After enough projects any small business will have this problem. We like to call it task overload. This happens when there are just enough projects and tasks, but not enough people. For the big business this isn't really a problem. They can often just hire someone when they recognize a shortage, but for a small business this is often not possible.

   When you can't afford to add more people the only answer is to get more efficient. This was what we needed to do at CloudLink, and we did it by "wearing our own shoes" as it were. We decided to apply CloudLink Project to solve our project management issues and the results were surprising even to us. 

   At time were managing over 10 individual projects each with more than 100 individual tasks that had to be tracked, reported on, and communications maintained with our customers. These projects ranged in size from a small engineering firm to a major franchisee for Little Caesars Pizza. We were overwhelmed, pure and simple. Our project management tool was being stretched to its limit because it simply lacked automation of any kind. 

   Using our own software changed that. We were able to set up project templates, communication triggers, and get all of our tasks tracked across departments. We were suddenly able to use our Infusionsoft solution to help us track our tasks and to keep our customers in the loop. This reduced the manual work that was necessary for the project manager to perform and allowed us to get over our feeling of pressure and keep on top of all of the projects with ease. 

   It also forced us to look at our processes and improve them as we implemented the software. This change was also unexpected, but it led to our being able to handle many more projects without adding new people resources or huge amounts of cost to our operating budget. Even if we had to pay, we'd most likely have been willing to pay the $49.00 monthly fee for project ten times over.