CloudLink helps service-based business owners manage their operations and can link to the most popular small business sales and marketing platform, Infusionsoft.

ERP Software for Small Business. Automate Your Manual Activities. Affordable, Scalable, Easy To Use.

  • A clean easy to use drag and drop dispatch board, for desktop and mobile use
  • Schedule easily with our drag and drop project, job, and task calendars. Schedule multiple appointments and setup time slots.
  • Set appointments with multiple attendees, turn into work orders, and bill hours automatically.
  • Track many complex details including times, work flow status, and build your own automation steps.
  • Keep your customers in the know by sharing details with them, messaging them, and allowing their details to be dispatched to technicians.

Scheduling and Dispatching Pain

It’s tough to keep up with the demand from customers who want your services. Where do your service people need to be, and when? How do you remind and notify the customer of an appointment? And then who are you going to get to perform the service, and how will you know where they are if they’re running late?

Work Order Management Pain

Once the orders come in, you have to handle them, and you are going to want workflow processes that are automated so you don’t have to worry about manually processing every order. You need somewhere for all that order paperwork to go all while figuring out how to communicate any changes to people in the field.

  • Track detailed project expenses including labor, contractors, and materials.
  • Schedule your tasks, determine how long a project will really take and how your resources need to be arranged.
  • Track labor on jobs, appointments, work orders, and much more.
  • Track project budgets, project managers, start and due dates and much more.

Project/Job Management Pain

Time, Tasks, Billing and Expenses – that’s a simple one, right? You’ve got to figure out what your service people did, how long it took, how to account for additional expenses and figure out who’s falling behind and who’s on track.

Scheduling and Dispatching Resources

Manage schedules and appointments with our visual dispatch board and automate the communication to field technicians and your customers.

Product and Inventory
Manage your products and detailed inventory information. Get better control over your inventory and products.
Reporting and Intelligence
Detailed reports and business intelligence for the critical parts of running your business. Automation tools to help your processes move faster.

Service Based Businesses Meet Your Problem Solver – CloudLink Ultimate


Small Business Management Software. Start to Finish.

As Small Business Owners that provide services, we know that scheduling, dispatching, project/job management, and inventory control are key components to the business. We built CloudLink Ultimate by taking a look at these important things in our own businesses and translated solutions to them into this software. Every field, every label, every tab, every page, every "thing" has been intentionally considered and designed to allow every business owner the freedom to design the processes and workflows that their business, and their Customers, Vendors and Partners will benefit from.

With our well thought out integration's with Infusionsoft® and QuickBooks® Online, CloudLink helps you manage your business as you grow your business too. Design your own workflows and processes that help you streamline your business. Move away from multi-system chaos and move into CloudLink.

If you are a company that provides services you know all too well how overwhelming it can be at times to handle all the business coming in. This should be the best part of owning your business, yet it is often times the most stressful part. If we look at how a service based company operates, we’d find that their main business processes are also the areas that create the most pain. Growing a business and making money shouldn't mean pain!

CloudLink Automates Workflow

I want you to think about two things while watching the animation below and they are:

  • How many appointments do you schedule per month?
  • How many appointments do you service each month?

Below you can watch how CloudLink can automate a typical service call from the moment the offer is accepted through and including payment of services. The animation begins with offers to your customers and prospects. Once they decide on a service, that information is relayed back into the system and the contact record is created or updated. An appointment is created by a staff member scheduling the date and time for a customer, or even a customer scheduling them self from your website if you'd like.

Once scheduled, a technician receives their dispatch notification telling them who, what, where, when, and why, with links back to the system for easy access from their mobile device; and simultaneously the customer receives notification with the name and a picture of the technician, your vehicle picture, or whatever information you'd like to share with them about who will be arriving at their location. An order/invoice is even created which allows for payment to be received in the field.

One final question about the number of appointments and service calls per day: How different would life be for you and your staff if it were all automated? Let's start automating your business today!